What We Believe


We are a small group of baptised believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who gather in His Name at Windmill Gospel Hall, and seek to follow the teaching in the New Testament.

As an assembly, we meet every Sunday for the breaking of bread at which we remember the Lord Jesus in response to His request, and show forth His death until He come again.

We also meet for the preaching of the Gospel, and in the week we gather for prayer and Bible study or teaching.

We believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God that was given to mankind. In it we have the story of creation, man’s God-given place in it, his downfall into sin and the gift of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ by His death on the Cross.

This salvation is free to all who confess their sins and personally accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

Visitors are welcome to our services as detailed on this web site, we would love to see you.

A letter of commendation would be appreciated for anyone visiting and wishing to participate on Sunday morning breaking of bread service.

Please feel free to phone beforehand on the free phone number on the web site and ask to speak with Craig or Ian.